Psychology and Brain Injury Essay example

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Psychologists help people who have suffered brain injuries by addressing their Cognitive problems, Emotional problems, and Behavioral difficulties. After addressing those problems they use therapeutic methods to help the person recover mentally. During this time the psychologists studies what can be done to help them. They help the person adapt to the situation they are in by making them aware that they will have difficulties and problems but they can work gradually improve their well being. Lastly the can also help by putting that person in a Self-help group.

The importance of a thorough assessment of all aspects of the brain injury is essential, and it may well be that formal referral to a child clinical neuropsychologist, physiotherapist, occupational therapist and speech and language therapist is required in order to ascertain a full understanding of the child's problems. It follows that an interdisciplinary approach towards intervention is highly desirable. However, there are few areas where a fully integrated approach is available, and this in itself can create anger, anxiety and despair in parents. The following interventions should be considered.

There are numerous strategies that children can use in order to manage problems arising from brain injury. Early behavioral management interventions in the acute phase may prevent early disruption to therapy and recovery and forestall later problems. Use of rehabilitation strategies for problems with organization, memory and executive functions can