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Outline the factors which could contribute to employee stress in the workplace. Discuss what possible measures could be taken to reduce stress in employee

The human race is progressing at an unprecedented rate in a multitude of arenas. The issue of work stress has been a growing concern for work, work stress has attractive extensive attention of the society. Nowadays, increasingly more argumentations about stress in the workplace can be found in TV programs, Newspapers and many aspects of our everyday life. With the progress of economy and science and technology, human beings are developing at an unprecedented rate in many areas. Each of these areas calls on a lot of workers to make great effort and brings them a wide variety of pressure which acts as not only a powerful driving force but one of negative factors with adverse effects on their work performance and occupational health (UNISON, n. d.). This essay will discuss the factor of stress can affect the staff in the working environment and how to solve it.

According to the HSE (n. d.), moderate pressure can increase the quality and effectiveness of work, but excessive one tends to be a negative effect, causing the decline in quality and efficiency. The sources of pressure include a lot of ways and circumstances. Firstly, many of external environmental factors, such as environmental factors, interpersonal relationships, work tasks, etc, are the direct causes of work pressure. For example, a newcomer will feel a lot of misfit in a new work environment and need a process to become acquainted with it. These factors can lead to pressure on workers. Furthermore, adverse environmental factors, such as noise, facilities and sanitary conditions, will bring workers a negative psychology. The interpersonal relationship is a crucial part in work, because the interpersonal tension with supervisors, colleagues or subordinates will cause the pressure of work. Secondly, work tasks; work process arises from monotonous or boring work or excessive workload, or the requirements for workers exceeding their capacity (Frese, 1985).

Although moderate work stress is normal, the excessive pressure may lead to a negative effect on workers' productivity and their physical and mental health (Maxon, 1999). There are some signs, symptoms and consequences anxiety; for example impatience, frustration, insomnia and physical and mental fatigue in working, attention deficit or excessive alcohol consumption in the course of work, all these factors will affect the physical and mental health of workers, and even heavy pressure can be a threat to them. Numerous people die from too much pressure every year (University of Cambridge, n. d.). Therefore, pressure has become one of the most common problems.

Some measures should be taken to relieve pressure when too much work pressure has a negative effect on your physical and mental health. Firstly, reducing workload or enjoying music; Thinking less about your work and finding time to do your own business, such as staying with your family, friends, etc. You can travel with your friends or family, or do things you like in your holidays. As a worker, you shall regulate your sleep by plenty of time and good quality, find time to relax every day, such as breath of fresh air, moderate exercise, going about your office, changing the environment, etc, these activities help to relieve pressure and restore energy (Shantz, 2002). Sports