Social Psychology and the Sustainable Future Essay

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Social Psychology and a Sustainable Future 1 Social Psychology and the Sustainable Future. Warren W Stephens. Southwestern Assembly Of God University.

Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the course PSY 3453 Social Psychology Randall Duncan Date 03/23/2012

Social psychology and the sustainable future 2. Social Psychology and the Sustainable Future. What has Global warming, Ozone Layer
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In actual fact, air is one of the reasons why Earth is the only planet within our solar system that can sustain life, and in which life can be found. Air supports life, but the air has to be clean for life to be sustained. We don't really need to be told that the air is polluted these days because we can see it. This is especially true if you happen to live in the city of Los Angeles, which for many years has been the butt of "smog" jokes, and recently topped the American lung Association's bad air list of "most polluted cities in America" [GMA news 2012]. Why is the air polluted so badly? How did it get that way? The city of Los Angeles, like many other places in the world today are to a great degree responsible for producing much of the "bad air" in their cities. However, "bad air" is now being found in cities and other places where there is no air polluting factories or industry to blame. This is because air pollution does not recognize international boundaries, and like the proverbial trapeze artists, pollution in the form Social Psychology and the Sustainable Future 5 of toxic emissions can and do "fly through the air with the greatest of ease." Because of this, "bad air" has " turned up" in places