Essay about Puritans: Puritan and American Dream

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Puritan Community v Today’s Community has changed drastically throughout the ages from the times when it was socially acceptable to own a slave and if you didn’t you would be an outcast. To todays community where no matter what your age, sex, race or gender most, if not all, of the surrounding neighbors will treat you normally. In the age of the Puritans the community around them seemed to change due to their adaptation of the American Dream. Regardless if it was pertaining to a change in scenery or by leaving their religion the Puritan’s did for their community what they thought would help them in achieving the American Dream. In Today’s Society in a normal community anywhere you walk, you will be able to see multiple families conversing with each other talking about the day or plans for the weekend. Many children, both male and female, are usually found at schools most day trying to get an education for when they get older which is much different from other generations when children would be separated by race most of the time and girls wouldn’t be able to go past a certain year in school. Much like the children adults are found at jobs or even some are still at school trying to get educated more in order to get a better job for their families. In my community there are many little families that come to make it up, and although not everyone is the same we still all make one community. One thing that is a large part of my community however is religion, although when the topic of religion comes up the first thought seems to be Catholicism but in a community today there are many different including Judaism, Buddhism and Hinduism. The Puritans, when the chapter first starts, are described as very unpleasant people and it even goes as far as to describe what “puritanical” means. One of the definitions being a synonym for intolerance. However instead of being “unpleasant people” it seems more like they were independent people. The Puritans didn’t believe that people hated them or