Essay on Qi Plan Part 1

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QI Plan Part I- Consumerism
October 17, 2011

QI Plan Part I- Consumerism
Healthcare organizations have a responsibility to its consumers and various stakeholders to ensure only the highest quality care is delivered. Quality measures such as performance measurement and quality improvement processes play a critical role in helping organizations achieve quality outcomes. This paper will contrast performance measurement and quality improvement processes. In addition, this paper will discuss a healthcare organization, Gulf Coast Medical Center, its mission and QI goals, and the role of the consumer and stakeholders in the QI process.
Performance Measurement vs. Quality
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Upon admission, all patients of GCMC receive a booklet outlining ways for the patient and significant others to become active participants in his or her healthcare. This includes guidelines for ensuring staff is following proper hand hygiene, pain is well-controlled, medications and discharge instructions are thoroughly explained. GCMC’s Patient Care Handbook is aimed at reducing infection rates, decreasing medication errors especially with the introduction of a new medication, and increasing customer satisfaction as it relates to pain management and post-discharge care.
External Quality Indicators Elements such as pain management, nurse communication, environmental cleanliness, medication and discharge education are a sample of questions asked as part of the HCAHPS survey. The purpose of The Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems, commonly referred to as HCAHPS, is “to uniformly measure and publicly report patients’ perspectives on their inpatient care” (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, 2011, Quality Assurance Guidelines, p. 13). HCAHPS scores are an example of an external quality indicator available to consumers of GCMC. Survey results are posted at and the consumer has the ability to compare up to three hospitals in his or her area to help make an informed decision on which healthcare organization is the best choice. Another quality