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Corporate Communications: An International Journal
Emerald Article: Change management: the role of internal communication and employee development Tony Proctor, Ioanna Doukakis

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Change management: the role of internal communication and employee development
Tony Proctor and Ioanna Doukakis
The authors Tony Proctor is a Professor, based at the Chester Business School, The Management School, Liverpool University, Liverpool, UK. Ioanna Doukakis is in the Department of Business Administration, Intercollege, Limassol, Cyprus. Keywords Change management, Communication management, Structural design, Employees development Abstract Introducing change into an organisation usually raises resistance from those who have the most to lose because of the introduction of the envisaged change. This article looks at the introduction of change in the management structure produced in a large public organisation. The key to successful introduction of the change was seen to lie in effective communication. The customary cascading down of information from the top of the organisation to the rank and file managers was found to be ineffective when a large-scale structural reorganisation programme was being introduced and this led to a search for more effective ways of communication. The partial answer appeared to lie in providing information from the top directly to all employees through the means of new technology ± an intranet and extensive use of e-mail. While this provided a substantial solution to the problem, it still left some questions better answered by management training initiatives. Electronic access The Emerald Research Register for this journal is available at The current issue and full text archive of this journal is available at
Corporate Communications: An International Journal Volume 8 . Number 4 . 2003 . pp. 268-277 # MCB UP Limited . ISSN 1356-3289 DOI 10.1108/13563280310506430

In this paper, the introduction of change in the organisational structure of a large public organisation and the difficulties that arose in facilitating the change will be looked at. First, general sources of resistance to change will be reviewed and then key aspects of management in the public sector that have a bearing on the