Essay about Quality Web Design

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Quality Web Design (QWD)
Security Weaknesses

Steve Gelin
Submitted to: Jack Sibrizzi
SE571: Principles of Information Security and Privacy
Keller Graduate School of Management
Submitted: 8/25/2012

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Executive Summary 3
Company Overview 3
Security Vulnerabilities 3
Software Vulnerabilities 4
Hardware Vulnerabilities 4
Recommended Solutions 5
A Hardware Example Solution 5
A Software Example Solution 5
Impact on Business Processes 5
Summary 5
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Executive Summary
My paper focuses on a security assessment of Quality Web Design (QWD), which is a very successful company that is well-known for its magnificent and appealing websites; they work
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The same can be said for their Windows Mobile 6 devices, there’s a well know issue with the Bluetooth function in all Windows Mobile 6 devices. This issue allows an individual to read or write any file that’s on your mobile device, even the Internet Explorer on Windows Mobile 6 and Windows Mobile 2003 for Smartphones allows attackers to cause a denial of service; which the attacker then uses to infiltrate your device to retrieve e-mail messages, SMS messages, and calendar appointments, contact information etc. From my research the only workaround provided for this vulnerability is not to accept pairing nor connection requests from unknown sources. So it would be better if the individuals who are using devices with Windows Mobile 6 as their operating system should be very mindful and careful of the things that they allow their devices to connect to.
Recommended Solutions:
For QWD the installation of anti-malware to protect against malicious applications, spyware, infected SD cards and malware-based attacks against their mobile or hardware devices such as iPhones, laptops etc. Strongly enforce security policies, such as mandating the use of strong PINs/Passcodes, use SSL VPN clients to effortlessly protect data in transit and ensure appropriate network authentication and access rights finally centralize locate and remote