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Why did I pick this career? Industrial design is all about making a product better by innovation and technology. When I found this career, I knew it was just for me. I love to look at cars and how they have changed over time. This is the job of an industrial designer. An industrial designer creates a concept of a new car and show it to the company that they work for who may or may not build the car. Innovation and technology drew me close to this career. Innovation and technology drew me to this career because I love to build things that have never been built before. I also love to work with technology. I much rather use a computer than paper and pencil. The career of industrial designer, which has an evolving history, is a field that has many innovative characteristics, which include a few negative aspects. The career of industrial designer has an evolving history. Industrial design is a career that works to improve a products marketability and production through technology and innovation. As Technology evolved so did Industrial design. Really the first proclaimed industrial designer was Joseph Claude Sinel. An Auburn University industrial design historian said, “He was self-described as the first "industrial designer" in the US, because he stamped the title on his letterhead in 1920” (Industrial). Sinel is not really the first industrial designer, but he was the first person to be actually called an industrial designer. One of the very first Industrial designers was Christopher Dresser. He was a Scottish designer that lived in the 1800’s. He was very important to the industrial design industry because he started the industrial design industry off. There wouldn’t be a career named industrial design if it wasn’t for Dresser. One of the most important and very famous industrial designers in American history is Henry Ford. Auburn University industrial design department said, “In 1913, Henry Ford perfected the mass- production process with his re-designed Model T” (Industrial). Henry Ford created the assembly line and he also re-designed the Model T. By doing this made cars more affordable for people. It allowed normal people to buy the automobile and not just the rich. Henry Ford is one of the main names of industrial design. He changed the name of the automobile as well as industrial design. Industrial designers make huge impacts on the people of the world today and will continue to so in the future. Because of industrial designs importance in our society today, it will continue to grow. Industrial design is a very important and interesting job. As an industrial designer there are many things they have to do. Industrial design has to do with art, engineering, business, and technology. They work very hard to get their ideas out from their head and on to a piece of paper. The carrership website says that industrial designers, “[p]repare sketches of ideas, detailed drawings, illustrations, artwork, or blueprints, using drafting instruments, paints and brushes, or computer-aided design equipment”(Careership). Industrial designers start their job off by preparing sketches of their ideas for the product they are creating. The designers create new cars, home appliances, computer equipment, medical instruments, toys, sports equipment, and other products. They work to make the public’s lives easier by making products better. Not only do industrial designers start from scratch and design something that has never been designed before, but also they “modify and refine designs, using working models, to conform with customer specifications, production limitations, or changes in design trends” (Careership). As an industrial designer it is important to innovate something that will catch the eye of the customer. Once you design that product that catches the eye of the customer sometimes, the designers have to “[p]resent designs and reports to customers or design committees for approval, and discuss need for modification” (Careership).