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Bio Chart Activity

This is my fourth cycle in Boricua College. I grew up in Santo Domingo which is the capitla of the Dominican Republic. MY favorite food is pasta and my favorite hobby is to play volleyball. The last movie I watched "The Shooter". An important issue tha concerns me a lot is religions and moral values. My inspiration and role model is my beautiful daughter Haneiry, because she is the motor that moves my life and I want to become a better person to give her a better life. One thing I hope to accomplish in this colloquium is to better understand others people's opinion and respect everybody without being judgemental.
In this colloquium we had fun because we participated in an activity called "move your butt", which is an activity used as an ice breaker to get to know each other better.
We also did a quick review of our academics requirements, the calendar and modules. Afterwards we received our first two modules, we read them and reviewed them with the entire group. Us students were offered an opportunity to ask questions.
Later on we learned about appreciative inquiry, this is an organizational development method which focuses on increasing what an organization does well rather than on eliminating what it does badly. Through an inquiry which appreciates the positive and engages all levels of an organization (and often is customers and suppliers) it seeks to renew, develop and build on this.
Another topic we discussed in the first colloquium were the five basic assumptions from which appreciative inquiry operates. These are:
1. In every society (organization or group), something works and can be valued.
2. What we focus on becomes the reality we create.
3. The language we use creates or reality.
4. The act of asking a question begins the change.
5. People have more confidence to journey to the future (the unknown) when they carry forward the best parts of the past (the known).
We did an activity based on appreciative inquiry. We had to think back on our lives and locate a moment that was a highpoint, when you had accomplished a goal and felt connected to something. I think tha a moment that was a highpoint in my life was when I had my daughter because Doctor's used to tell me I was sterile and I had many