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Chelsea Parsons
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April 22, 2013
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There are three questions you want to avoid in sales. The first is have you ever heard of us, the second is can you tell me a little about your company and the third would be what will it take to get your business. The key point is to walk in knowing exactly what it will take to get someone business.
When making sales over the phone, the best way to control the conversation is by asking questions. The person who asks the questions is in control. Another benefit is the person answering is giving valuable information you need in order to make a sale and build a relationship. People do not like to be sold, but they love to buy. Control of the phone conversation means control of the sale.
Many times, a salesperson gives their price in advance of the prospect asking for it. This is a strategic disadvantage to a salesperson because they are giving away a strength. If a customer asks how much, reply by asking their permission to ask a question first. You want to define a need, desire and an advantage first and be certain that they see value in your sale. Always make sure that you have a solid reason for your price. Always make sure to ask questions to qualify the need and desire. When you give out the price ask for the sale at the same time. Be proud of your price and remember that testimonials are the best way to beat down the price objection and win a sale at the same time.
There is a difference between people stalling and people making an objection. A stall is a customer wanting to think about the sale, as opposed to an objection that is either your price is too high or we do not need your product. Both of these answers mean that you have not sold the client yet. You must be able to convert them to need your sale. A stall is easier to convert and an objection can sometimes be harder. A good salesperson must ask why these are even occurring to fix the sales block. There are two ways to prevent an objection. One is by sharing testimonials and the second is by trying to prevent it yourself. The testimonial is the strongest sales tool one can possess.
The most powerful buying signals asked by a prospect is “how much is it”. This shows that you have given enough interest to get the prospect to want to know how affordable it is. In order to get the sale, you must ask for it. Some ways to ask for the sale are to ask what the risk is, when is the next job, asking for an indirect commitment, asking what is preventing the sale. Another way is to create an offer that is so good that you are able to ask ‘fair enough?” and the end. If all of those suggestions do not work out, another way is to ask by using humor. The best way to ask for a sale is with a sincere, friendly manner.
Buyers and decision makers are looking for comfort, and not just a good deal. The decision maker must feel that the product is a good fit for them or their company. Other factors that are included are past deals and word- of –mouth advertisements. Having s goof reputation is a key factor in getting a sale.

If you are concerned with getting your calls returned, you must leave value and reason in your voice mail. You want to feel that you have earned a return call, while leaving something…