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1. What is BRACE? Who’s in charge? Where is his/her office?
The BRACE Program is unique to the Broward County School System. BRACE advisors work with guidance counselors to provide students with information on Scholarships,
Financial Aid and the College Application Process. Advisors can also provide information on
Technical Schools, Military Options and Direct Workforce Entry. Mr. Johnson is our BRACE director and he is located in the chorus room. 2. What are three major differences between public and private schools?
➢ Private schools can be selective, while public schools accept students regardless of academic abilities and religious creed.
➢ The class sizes are also different. In private schools there is more attention to the individual than in public schools.
➢ Private schools are not as restricted in their program development because they do not use public funds like public schools. 3. List the 11 state schools.
➢ Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University
➢ Florida Atlantic University
➢ Florida Gulf Coast University
➢ Florida International University
➢ Florida Polytechnic University
➢ Florida State University
➢ New College of Florida
➢ University of Central Florida
➢ University of Florida
➢ University of North Florida
➢ University of South Florida
➢ University of West Florida 4. What’s the average tuition for state schools? Private schools?
The national average tuition for state schools is about $9,139 per year and at private schools it is about $10,008 per year. 5. How many credits do you need to graduate college?
You need at least 120 credits to graduate from college as an undergraduate. 6. What three (or more) things are colleges looking for in their applications?
➢ Challenging high school courses
➢ Solid scores on standardized tests