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Why Students Fail in Math Classes: Pedagogy and Immaturity! It is my contention that many students fail in math for two main reasons: their own success motivation and pedagogy. Let’s explore each of these reasons for students failure to pass math classes, starting with the students' motivation and ending with pedagogy.

According to Online business dictionary, motivation means: “Internal and external factors that stimulate desire and energy in people to be continually interested and committed to a job, role or subject, or to make an effort to attain a goal.” (“Motivation”). In plain English, Motivation is the power that force the people to do hard works. It's like when you go to school your motivation is your major. At my country Egypt, people spend more than seven years at the university studying engineering , they never claim that their major is hard . The reason is : they want to achieve their goals. we call that incentive motivation. If we apply this idea in every single job we do during our life, we will neglect the hard time we spend to do this job. Math is one of the hardest job we have to success in, so we have remember our motivation which is our majors. Students who drop out in college and high school have no goal, they go to school only because they have to go like any student , and then when they find another chance or job they leave school and start that job. Students have to chose their goals from the beginning and keep themselves heading toward that goal. Math is the first block they face during their studying time at the high school and college. Math is not hard but you are the one who can make it easy. Here's what I think student should have done in term of motivation, and start make steps to make their math easy. Students have to prepare themselves before going to the class by read more from the library about the topic the instructor will explain, or by listening to videos. Attend the class early to make sure that you get all the information from your instructor, try to use your mind instead of using calculator during the class. The assignments are the important issue you have to do direct after class time. If you cannot solve any problem in your assignments do not pass it, but ask a tutorial or ask you instructor when you go to