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PHI 210 (Critical Thinking)
Week 9 Quiz 3

Question 1 If students play video games, their school work will suffer, and they will not have the ability to succeed in life, ending up in lower paying jobs and needing government programs, which will increase our taxes. So video games will increase our taxes. CORRECT ANSWER – Slippery Slope

Question 2 Professor Andrews, surely I deserve a B in logic. I know that I have gotten F's on all the tests, but if you give me an F for my final grade, I will lose my scholarship. That will force me to drop out of school, and my poor, aged parents, who yearn to see me graduate, will be grief-stricken for the rest of their lives.CORRECT ANSWER – Appeal to Pity Question 3 Gay and
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You told me yourself just a week ago that you, too, stole candy when you were a kid.

Question 15 Humanitarian groups have argued in favor of housing for the poor. Apparently what they want is another high-density project. Unfortunately, these projects have been tried in the past and have failed. In no time they turn into ghettos with astronomical rates of crime and delinquency. Chicago's Cabrini-Green is a prime example. Clearly, these humanitarian arguments are not what they seem.
CORRECT ANSWER – Staw Man Question 16 John has really worked hard on his term project, and he will really be depressed if he does not make an A. For these reasons, you just have to give him an A on his project.
CORRECT ANSWER – Appeal to Pity Question 17 Dr. Jones, this seminar was the best course I have had. I wondered if we could discuss my grades?
CORRECT ANSWER – Appeal to Pride

Question 18

Why can't I use that swear word? I have heard you use it.

Question 19 You are all intelligent people, so you should be able to see the fallacy in his statement.
CORRECT ANSWER – Appeal to Pride

Question 20

Environmentalists are continually harping about the dangers of nuclear power. Unfortunately, electricity is dangerous no matter where it comes from. Every year hundreds of people are electrocuted by accident.