Race, Racism, And Empire: Reflections On Canada

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Reflective Journal Entry – Chapters 9 and 10 and Race, Racism, and Empire: Reflections on Canada.
After doing the readings for chapters 9 and 10 of our Politics book as well as the article assigned for this week I came to the realization that race and ethnicity are not only an important issue but an ongoing issue that seems to have no end point. In chapters 9 and 10 of our Politics book it was interesting to learn of the capitalist nature of the immigration process as well as the differences between white feminism and black feminism. Two common themes I found among these two articles was intersectionality and colonization. Our society as a way of continually reflecting the wants and expectations of our governments which are consumed of Western culture and aid in the oppression and racism of minority populations. As a minority woman I was able to relate to the topics black feminists were arguing that are not mentioned by white feminists nor even brought to the forefront to be considered. Women or colour face extensive differences from their counterparts that result in further oppression and isolation. A strong example of this was discussed in the article assigned this week which spoke about the post September 11 period. Not only were individuals who were associated with being an immigrant, Muslim or Arab facing racism to an extreme magnitude, the women of these populations now faced various levels of oppression and racism that were in no way considered on the same level as