Racial Profiling In America Essay

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Ever since the beginning of America when the Europeans sailing oversees to the land of opportunity, we discriminated the Natives of the land and took their land. Racial profiling has always been a problem, and has only evolved to discriminate Blacks and Hispanics. Life in America has never been easy and was always a challenge especially for minorities. Minorities have always had it hard to live because of discrimination by people. Police and even the government. If there is a way to end racial profiling, why don’t we start it? Blacks and Hispanics in the U.S. are constantly getting harassed by police. Minorities are significantly more harassed by police than your average white American. The Jim Crow Laws state on the relations of how blacks were treated before and how it is the same now between them. Jim Crow Law article …show more content…
Just because of the terrorist groups that have been forming make us to believe that they are all evil terrorist that want to hurt America, but I think of it a different rate. Most people come to America to escape the countries that they are from because of the people they live there or what the country wants the citizens to become. America is supposed to be the land of freedom and opportunity, where everyone can be equal. What people don’t see is what really happens here, all the racism and discrimination that goes on around America. So again we can’t fully get rid of racial profiling it is too hard to get rid of especially on how many people agree or treat people with that attitude. The Jim Crow Laws might not eventually stop, and police will continue to treat minorities as second class citizens. The only way to stop all the racial profiling is to not think of a person as a black, Hispanic middle eastern, Asian, or white. But think of everyone as another person, that is the only way to stop racial