Racial Profiling In America

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CLASS AND RACE BARRIERS IN AMERICA, CAN WE OVERCOME? The contest of my essay is aligned with the term, “Racial profiling”. By definition, Racial profiling is a form of discrimination by which law enforcement uses a person`s race or cultural back ground as the primary reason to suspect that individual has broken the law. In other words, racial profiling occurs every day in US, thereby making it a part of the criminal justice system for a very long time now. Therefore, the existence of racial profiling could be dated back towards slavery era. However, racial profiling prevalence is nothing new as well as no secret. The Black Lives Matter Movement# also ignited a nationwide protest as well as created a worldwide …show more content…
That is to say, it has destroyed public trust in the police. Not only that, the law enforcement here in the US, have a racist attitude towards blacks which makes the society tag black folks as dangerous in the society. Therefore, the Federal Government should try as much to curtail racial profiling by requiring police men and other law enforcement officers to keep detailed records of each individual they stop to question or search because when law enforcement officers target residence based on race or national origin rather than behavior crime fighting it becomes less effective and community tend to develop a great distrust in the police as time goes …show more content…
Class structure should provide a kind of motivation and arena for individual achievement. Therefore, through hard work, everyone has a chance of getting to what is considered to be the upper class and elevate the ladder of success.
Yes, we can overcome these barriers erected by race and class by imbibing in ourselves a high self-esteem and having a quality mindset towards the concept of race, having self-worth, determination, hard-work, self- confidence and respect for each other. For instance, whenever the issue of race arises in a conversation, always keep the conversation calm and healthy like in the case of Mr. Doug and the police officer in the tagged article. By speaking openly with others about the similarities and differences between people, we can raise children whose lives are not constricted by fear. We must recognize and talk about discrimination in other to help our children become adults who worked to earned it. By encouraging our children to reach children to reach across racial and ethnic lines, we enable them to live fulfilled lives and to recognize the humanity of all people. Children should be addressed on the issue of race from the