Rail Road Essay

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Railroad Crossing Essay

Railroad crossings are dangerous intersections between regular roads and the rails that trains ride on. Avoiding the dangers of these crossing can be managed with some common sense like recognizing the warning signs, waiting for the train to pass and paying attention all around.

It seems silly to me that railroad crossing is such a problem like this yet people seem to lack the sense to use proper safety. Trains have the right away, realize that the trains can not stop or swerve to avoid a collision, simply looking around can be a lifesaver when trains are concerned.

The average freight train weighs 12,000,000 pounds! We are like ants in comparison. It takes them a mile or more to come to a complete stop, chances are the train operator can’t see a mile ahead of him so if you are on the tracks you're probably going to get hit. You are 40 times more likely to die in a collision with a train then with a regular motor vehicle.

Trains run on any track in any direction at any time. If your car is to stall on the railroad you should call 911, then look for a sign that has a specific d.o.t number for your crossing area, calling this number will help the railroad communication center find the exact area and provide warnings. Remember always keep a safe distance from the track, the train may not be able to stop in time

Trespassing railroad crossings is very dangerous, trains create an optical illusion they look further away then they actually are and are