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Communication – Group Project Desig: Isambard Munro and Company
As we consultants, it is our responsibility to listen and concern the needed and the thought of community and make a decision about providing the more sustainable, attractive and more safe Railway Station by discussing, where is the most suitable place for the new Station without damaging the environment. In the view of increasing importance of rail travel into Nottingham, and also to take pressure off passenger numbers at the existing City Centre Station, we considered to re-build to an enlarged and re-design to make it more attractive and suitable to serve the population to the west of the city. All the things like passenger facilities, car parking, taxi and bus stands are thought-out well before we start to project. First of all, we considered about how big should be the new station, where we have to locate the car park, bus stands and the railway station to make more sustainable and suitable building for the community and also have an easy accessibility, what will be the passenger facilities, where will be the taxi lanes and how good will be the design of the outside of the station. Furthermore, the new Beeston Railway Station should tend to be giving a pleasure to all its staff, customers and passengers like; commuters/business and leisure travellers, passengers in wheelchairs, physical or cognitive mobility impairment and so on.
The design of today’s rail stations tend to be different in expression from…