Rain and Good Advice Essay

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1. Pen is wiser. It is filled with ink , you can’t fix your mistake
2. It is easier to forgive a street
3. Both is smart, a clock is smart because it tells time and a calendar tells you what day it is.
4. A question is easier to teach because you can learn the answer.
5. A cloud is like a contest. The cloud has to make up elements so it can rain, it can be partly cloudy or never cloudy. But a sunset is always going to be beautiful.
6. New is more fearful, because if it is new, you do not know what you’re getting. If it is old, you already know what to expect.
7. Science is like a promise because you’re always doing research to an answer of a problem.
8. A nightmare is more frightful, because a dream is peaceful. You can dream to be anything you want to be but a nightmare can ruin your dream very easily and quickly.
9. An hour is braver because you can only be brave for an hour but you can’t be brave for an entire year.
10. An entrance has more pride.
11. A map is easier to close, you just fold it up.
12. A mirror is like a legend, so you can see what’s behind you. To see the past.
13. Both can be beautiful and/or deadly
14. A signature has less charm, even though both of them is the same
15. Both are trustworthy, you can teach history through literature. Literature is made through history.
16. A friend is more useful because you always now there is always going to be someone by your side to give you good advice.
17. It all depends on what you’re