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4-Year University Sample College Requirements
General Core Area
Total Semester Credits Required
Example of Course
Rhetoric courses help students to develop skills in speaking, writing, listening, and critical reading, and to build competence in research, analysis, and argumentation.
4 s.h
The Interpretation of Literature
Foreign Language
Courses in this area provide students with speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills in a second language.
16 s.h
First-Year Chinese: First Semester
Interpretation of Literature
Students focus on the major genres of literature and increase their abilities to read and analyze a variety of texts.
3 s.h
Texts and Contexts in France and the French-Speaking World
Historical Perspectives
Courses in this area help students understand a period of the past in its own terms.
3 s.h
Art and Visual Culture
Courses in the humanities focus on the ways individuals and cultures have interpreted and understood themselves, others and the world.
10 s.h
Principles of Chemistry Lab
Natural Sciences
These courses explore the major concepts of science.
7 s.h
Introduction to Botany
Quantitative or Formal Reasoning
Courses in this area help develop analytical skills through quantitative reasoning.
3 s.h
Principles of Computing
Social Sciences
Courses in this area focus on human behavior and social systems that shape and are shaped by that behavior.
3 s.h
Principles of Microeconomics
Distributed General Education
Cultural Diversity, Fine Arts, Foreign Culture, Health and Physical Activity, Historical Perspectives, Humanities
11 s.h
From Mona Lisa to Modernism: Survey of Western Art II

Total Number of General Ed. Credits Required
60 s.h

Community College General Education Requirements
Directions: Use the IHCC link to fill out the following chart. Your credits will be dependent on if you choose to use the AA degree or AS degree. In the space at the top of the chart, write down which degree you are researching. If you choose, AS, you will not use the Distributed Electives row. At the end, total up the number of credits that IHCC requires.