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The situation: Your CMNS 125 Instructor needs background information in order to properly assess your upcoming employment application package. This report is due next class.
Your first job: Develop a brief (circa 1.5 page, separate from references) memo format informational report to me detailing employer expectations for entry-level/junior positions in your chosen career field. Making use of at least three reputable secondary sources (check newspapers, government documents, journals and serials, online employment postings), your report must clearly indicate:
1. What are your career plans? Explain where you are headed and why you’ve chosen this as your professional goal. A paragraph or two should suffice.
2. What does it take to get the sort of job you’re after? Report on relevant job titles with a full explanation of the employers’ expectations and job duties that go with them. Indicate what advertized jobs (give both titles and job descriptions) you would be interested in applying for upon graduation from UFV, and clearly explain both what you need to prove or show to GET such jobs, as well as what skills and abilities you need to display and use on the job. Note things like the skills, experience and personal qualities sought after; the certifications required; salary ranges and benefits packages you can expect. If you can, also report on the projected frequency of openings for positions within your career field within the area you want to work/live.
3. What does it take to move up in your career field? What positions could you look to advance toward within three - five years of hiring? What do employers require for promotion within your chosen career field? What additional or strengthened skills or abilities do these promotions require?
Note that this is a research report, so I am not interested in hearing what you’ve heard, nor what you think (no offense). You must restrict yourself to reporting info that comes straight from your research. Use APA in-text citations for quoted or paraphrased source material, and provide an APA references page after the report. (For info on how to incorporate source material and a guide to APA citation methods, go to the official APA web site or to the UFV Writing Centre’s Principles