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How does viewing writing as a skill, and not a gift, change your attitude toward it? In what ways have you learned other skills? Can those same ways be applied to learning writing?
Reading Assignment #1 “The Service of the Snowden”

1.Paragraph 3 and 4 are made up of a series of questions. What are these questions asking (summarize them in your own words)? Why do you think the writer is using questions in these paragraphs?
In paragraphs 3 and 4 the writer is asking questions that are based on the positive and negative outlook of Snowden’s action of leaking the top secret information giving examples on both sides therefore the reader chooses if what Snowden did was good or bad. Paragraph 3 has questions that are more of a negative perspective of Snowden leaking the information. For example it asked what is Snowden and then answers saying “A self-aggrandizing geek who betrayed his country and fellow employer”. Paragraph 4 is the positive perspective of Snowden’s action trying to also show the good that has become of his choice stating “Or is he a brave young American determined to fight- at the risk of long imprisonment”. The writers main question was ‘Who is Snowden” the reader has both outlooks and chooses which they believe Snowden is.

2.In paragraph 6, Cohen uses the phrase “We would not know how…” and other similar phrases several times. What does this phrase mean in the article and how is it important to Cohen’s point about Snowden?

The phrase “We would not know how” is Cohen way of actually appreciating Snowden leaking this information trying to explain why we should also be grateful to know the line that the U.S has crossed by having access to Americans personal information such as emails, Facebook accounts and phone calls. By Cohen expressing himself the way he did shows that he is not at all angry at the fact that the U.S Surveillance secrets have been leaked because if it wasn’t us as Americans wouldn’t have known that our privacy and freedom has not been respected.

3.Summarize in a few sentences what Cohen is saying about Snowden here.

Cohen is agreeing with Snowden and leaking the information to make a change and give Americans back their privacy. He also states that this issue has been a “Long overdue debate about what the U.S government does and does not do in the name of post 9/11 security”. Cohen believes this was all needed because United States is going through a great disorientation…