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Reality Therapy – William Glasser

Dr William Glasser was born May 11, 1925 in Cleveland, Ohio. Dr Glasser was a
Practicing psychiatrist and published numerous books on mental health, counseling, and the improvement of schools, teaching, and several publications advocating a public approach to mental health.
Reality therapy is based on choice theory. This has been around since the
1960’s. In reality therapy, there are five basic needs and they are classified as Power, Love & Belonging, Freedom, Fun and Survival. Whether we are aware of it or not, we are always acting to meet these needs, but not always effectively. For example, socializing is an effective way to meet our need for belonging, while sitting by yourself and sulking in hopes that people will come over to you is an ineffective way to meet that need. In society as a whole, the survival need is generally being met. We survive on a daily basis. The key is it’s a choice of what we want. We have the power to do what is in our control. Reality Therapy can help us gain more control over ourselves in almost any situation. I feel that Reality therapy would be very useful in addictions counseling. Again, the key is what we want. There are three basic questions to ask when working with clients with addictions. 1. What do you want?
For the most part, clients are going to say that they want to be clean and sober. 2. What are you doing to get what you want?
You can work with your clients in their treatment plan