The Impact Of Chinese Immigration In The United States

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As the development of economic between United States and China the United States has a big increase of immigration from china since 1965 Immigration Reform Act. The data from Desiree Baolian Qin’s article Parent-Child Relations and Psychological Adjustment among High-achieving Chinese and European American Adolescents shows that Chinese immigrants is the largest part of the total Asian immigrants. “On average, more than 220,000 Asian immigrants were admitted every year, accounting for 35% of total immigrants to the United Stated. Chinese immigrants represent one of the largest sub-groups, constituting about 23.5% of all Asian Americans” (qto, Qin 1). As the immigration population became larger and larger the number of Chinese international students also has been growing at a high rate in America. Racheal A. Ruble who is from the department of Communication Studies of Lowa State University said “The globalization movements of the last two decades have generated not only significant economic ties, but also cultural exchanges between the U.S. and China”( Ruble 1). As the immigration is changing we want to know what the result of the increasing immigration is. The increasing of Chinese international students brings a lot of consequences to the United States. These consequences are not just reflected in economy, but also the culture and the relationship between people. The changing in between Chinese immigrants and Americans has good ways and bad ways. Some people might say that the difference between these two countries is just culture different. As I am going through the sources I figure out that the major changing in between these two countries are not culture exchange, but also the parent-child relationship and the discrimination from Americans to Chinese. I am learning the differences and changing for these two countries’ students because of two reasons. On one hand, it is necessary to understand the changing between China and United States since these two countries both play the main roles in the world. Even though I said the changing is not just about economy, the U.S. and China are very much connected economically. Therefore, it is important to know what is developing in order to know the future. The other reason why I am focusing on the adolescents but not the adults is that I think students represent the values of future society. In addition, the youth is more flexible in learning and accept new things than parents, so they will has less affection from their old culture and old living environment. Yuning Wu the writer of College Student’s Evaluation of Police Performance: A Comparison of Chinese and Americans did his research with college students too. He pointed out that he take college student’s evaluation is because he thinks “College students represent values of future democracy and college enrollment has grown substantially during the past decade in both countries. Young, freedom-oriented, and less constraint by family and school forces, college students tend to be more cynical and less confident in police than the general population”( Wu, 1). As I mentioned above United States and China are tied in many different ways especially in economy. According to College social engagement and school identification: Differences by college type and ethnicity wrote by Melissa R. Witkow college degree for economic success is very important. “The importance of a college degree for economic success has never been stronger and, recognizing this, an increasing number of students are enrolling in college immediately after high school each year. In 2008, 68.6% of students who had received a high school degree within the past 12 months were enrolled in some form of college, compared with 50.1% in 1978”( Witkow 1). The high increasing rate of college student number and Chinese international student number makes this study evaluable. I am going to show the three major changing that I found from the sources in the following