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Why do people choose to leave from your family’s home country and emigrate to other countries?

Albania is a small country, located in the southeast of Europe, which has high emigration rates. During the years, Albanians have emigrated for several different reasons. Still nowadays, Albanians choose to leave their home country and emigrate to other countries for almost the same reasons. The main reason that causes their emigration is economic reason. Job opportunities in Albania are very limited, and wages are very low compared to those in adjacent countries like Greece and Italy, where the most of the Albanians emigrate to. For example, if the minimal wages in Italy are 50$ per day per person, in Albania, the minimal wages are 5$ per day per person. Furthermore, the Government doesn’t do that much to open new working positions to decrease the high unemployment rate. To continue, Albanians choose to emigrate to provide their family better living conditions. The life in Albania is very hard, especially in the rural areas. In these regions of Albania, the communities have problems because of the lack of electricity, water, transportation and sometimes there is no access to medical care. The citizens that live in these areas have to walk 1-2 hours to the nearest bus station and then travel for 2-3 hours to get to the nearest medical care clinic. Another important reason that results in the emigration of Albanians to other countries is to provide a better access to good