Essay on Rebellion: Tea Party Protests

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I. “People who stand for nothing, fall for anything.” Well, it still has the same type of meaning just towards our government. The Tea Party started in 2009, after Obama was elected into office. David Koch has taken credit for organizing the Tea Parties. Even though no one is completely sure who started the infamous Tea Parties, all the separate Tea Parties have been attentively working.
II. Rise of the Tea Party
a. “The [Tea Party was a] movement [, that provided] logistical, educational, networking, and other support to other smaller versions of the Tea Party. The Tea Party is a non-profit organization…” The Tea Party has been said to be two types of movements.
1. One movement it has been called is a populist movement and that urged for political change and rights for the people. The focus being fiscal conservatism.
2. The second movement it has been called “is a grassroots movement that challenges the security, sovereignty, or domestic tranquility, for the United States. The Tea Party believes in the responsibility of [the] United States from every race, religion [and] national origin.”
b. Their protests were also more about lowering taxes, individuality, and a smaller government. The Tea Party has the “Tea Partiers” and there is a majority that makes up the “Tea Partiers.” “The Tea Party is largely compromised of white, over 40-50, middle to upper income Americans… manifestation of real public anger at [the middle class level].” Yet, the people who showed up to a protest, called “Tax Day”, were not the average protestors. They were real people, real hard-working American people with the same jobs everyone else has and, some were minorities.
c. “The Tea Party Patriots’ mission is to restore American’s founding principles of Fiscal responsibility, constitutionally Limited Government and Free Market.” They “appeal to freedom and liberty [which is] common in [the] Tea Party.” It is misunderstood that the rebellion is categorized as an actual political party.
d. It seems right about why the Tea Partiers are so passionate about the economic debt. Just the way they predict politics are heading in this day and age would cause them to want to change that.
III. Republicans and Democrats
a. The Tea Party was not really recognized as a movement and did not have a voice in congress or politics. Until, 52 Republican members of the U.S. House of Representatives brought the 1st institutional voice to the Tea Party movement. The Republicans recognized the Tea Party as a movement because, they do have the same ideology. Republicans who are ideologically oriented