Recommendation: Education and Classes Essay

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Katie Rodrigue
Ms. Southgate
DVEN 0920 A
23 July 2013

College Resources College can be an intimidating place when a student first starts. A student may have a lot of questions. He or she may wonder how to pay for classes or even what classes to take. That is why I recommend for students to get a schedule of classes and a list of detailed payment options. I recommend for students to get a schedule of classes because it will have all the information on classes for that semester. It will have what classes are being offered for that particular semester. This is useful information because some classes are not offered all three semesters. It also tells a student what times the classes are being offered. This is important when making a schedule. A student may have to work and can only take an afternoon class, so maybe only a class after three p.m. would work, the schedule of classes lists the possible class choices a student may take. In my case, I can only take classes in the morning because I need to be home in the afternoons to take care of my son, I know to only look at the early classes. A schedule of classes also has information like what instructors are teaching a particular course. After a semester or two of school, a student may favor a teacher and want to take classes with that instructor if possible. These are some benefits of referring to a schedule of classes. Another recommendation I have is to learn about the different payment options. There are multiple ways to pay for schooling. One way is financial aid. If a student is in a low tax bracket, he or she may be able to get financial aid, which will help cover some or possibly…