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1. Write a null and an alternative hypothesis for each of the following. Be sure to state each hypothesis in the context of the problem.
A. A forestry textbook claims that the mean age of pine trees in Colorado is 30 years. You think the age is greater than that. (2 points) ans: Ho = mean = 30 the mean age of the pine trees is 30 years for Ho
Ha : mean > 30 the mean age of pine trees is more than 30 years
B. A brochure on anti-aging cream states that the mean age of people in the
United States is 75 years. You doubt the claim, and you think it's greater because the information is out of date and the population of the elderly is growing. (2 points) ans: Ho = mean = 75 for Ho the mean age of people in US is 75 years
Ha : mean
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Ha: mean ≠ 3.3.
The mean age of the stars is not 3.3 billion years.
B. What test will you use, how will the test work, and what are the conditions necessary to use the test? Does your situation meet those conditions?
I will use the z-test. This plan will work by taking the zscore and finding the p value and comparing it with our significant value. The conditions necessary to use the test are:
1. random sample
2. normally distributed population and normal sample distribution.
Yes, the conditions are satisfactory for the z test.

C. Using the population and sample from question 2, calculate your test statistic and P-value. Show your work, including the formulas you used to calculate the statistic. z = (x-bar – mu)/ (st.deviation/ sqrt. Of n ) =
3.4 – 3.3 / (.4/ (sqrt. Of 50) ) = 1.7677
Now find the p value = .0384

D. What's your conclusion, using α = .05? Compare your results to the previous conclusion, and explain the difference. Sketch the distribution of your sample mean, shading the area that represents your P-value. Label the value for the mean, and label the values for the bounds of the shaded area.
In comparison to the previous question, we have a 5% significance value, because its two sided, divide it by 2 which equals .025. Thus, .0384 is greater than .025 which means that we must accept the