Essay Recruitment and Selection

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Recruitment and Selection

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The brief 3

Introduction – company background 4

Recruitment stages 5

Job Analysis 5

Job Description 6

Person Specification 7

Selection Interview 8

Conclusion 9

Appendix 1: Job analysis 10 -11

Appendix 2-4: Job description and Person Specification 12-14

Appendix 5: Job Advertisement 15

Appendix 6: Assessment Test 16

Appendix 7-8: Selection method (Interview) 17-18

Appendix 9 -10: Letter for successful candidates 19-20

Appendix 11: Letter for unsuccessful candidates 21

Appendix 12: Check list for eligibility of employment 22

Appendix 13: References 23

Appendix 13: Bibliography 24

The Brief:

To choose an HR Assistant role as a case study within an Organisation within the UK. The following are the task to be carried out:

1. Carry out and submit a job analysis.

2. Prepare a Job Description and Person Specification relevant to the post.

3. Design an alternative advertisement for the vacancy and indicate which source/s of advertising you would use. Discuss the pros and cons of each of them in your evaluation statement.

4. Outline any relevant tests that the candidates will undertake

5. Design and conduct a selection interview using an appropriately designed scoring mechanism based on the details prepared in 1 and 2 above

6. Prepare the relevant letters for successful and unsuccessful candidates.

7. Prepare a checklist and outline the key points to confirm someone’s right to work for a company in the UK – visa, criminal record bureau (CRB) check etc.

Task 2

To write a report which will analyse, summarise and evaluate the various stages in the recruitment and selection process. This includes introduction followed by the various aspects such as description, comparison and analysis base on the research material.


1. Background:

The purpose of this report is to select an HR Assistant role within a large business organisation based in the UK to use as a case study. Thus, the chosen company is called Scottish Prison Service (SPS), based in Edinburgh.