Recycling and Data Protection Essay

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Workplace Legislation In this report I will be explaining about Workplace Legislation information, covering topics such as Equal Opportunities, Data Protection, Health & Safety and Environmental Issues. I will include my findings from research, a conclusion and Finally covering my information Sources. Equal Opportunities What is meant by diversity and why it should be valued? During my findings I discovered that Diversity can be defined as differences in heritage, race, beliefs, customs, mental capabilities, physical appearance and Sexual orientation to name a few. It should be valued because nobody is completely the same as any other person and if diversity is not valued then it may lead to hatred and even violence. Diversity is affected by recognizing individual differences and managing them sensitively and effectively. If diversity is not valued, it will be seen as unlawful discrimination which may dis credit a business and in some cases cost the company if someone took legal action for discrimination. The Benefits of Diversity to an Organisation The globalization of the term Diversity has made it prominent all over the world within the working environment. When people with diverse backgrounds work as part of a team the company progresses and grows at a rapid rate. Apart from this, there are numerous other benefits of diversity in a workplace. I have found some examples of these benefits:- * Increases adaptability if organisations have a diverse workforce they are better equipped in supplying a greater variety of solutions for problems in sourcing, service and allocation of resources. People from diverse backgrounds bring with them diverse experiences and talents in suggesting proposals that can easily be adapted to fluctuating market conditions and customer demands. * When the organisation has a diverse set of skills, competencies and expenses such as language and cultural understanding. It becomes capable of providing services to a greater variety of customers. * When diverse workforces communicate varying points of view comfortably, there is a larger pool of experiences and ideas. Therefore the business strategy and that of customers are fulfilled quiet effectively. * Companies that follow the concept of workplace diversity automatically inspire all their employee’s to perform to their highest ability. All plans and strategies of the company are efficiently executed, resulting in improved productivity, increased revenue and higher return on investment. * When an organization is able to embrace employee’s having diverse skills and cultural view points, it is better able to understand the needs and desires of the customers residing in different parts of the world. * Employee’s coming from different backgrounds brings individual experiences and talents, which invariably contribute to the overall growth of a company. However all these benefits associated with diversity in the workplace come attached with many challenges both for the Business and the employees belonging to diverse cultures. For effective application of diversified approaches the management has to play a key role so that people belonging to diverse cultures are accepted and get adjusted to the organizational environment. How to Treat People in a way that respects their abilities, backgrounds, values, customs and beliefs During my research I have found and believe that the best way to treat people in a way that respects their abilities, backgrounds, values, customs and beliefs is by being polite, tolerant and patient when dealing with people and treating them with respect and dignity. Sorting out disagreements show understanding and sensitivity to people’s problems, vulnerabilities and needs. Deal with diversity issues and give positive practical support to staff who may feel exposed. It may make people feel valued by listening to and supporting their needs. Understand what offends others