Redefining Your Management Strategy Essay

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Redefining Your Management Strategy
Some researchers argue that to run today’s business organizations effectively and to ensure that they grow in a sustainable manner, some combinations of management and leadership, efficient functions, and connected relationships are necessary (Toor and Ofori) I would classify myself as being a Theory Y (participative management style). Theory Y managers are known for being participative when making decisions and they value their time and relationships. Theory Y managers also empower their people to do well and to stay positive. The leadership style I classified myself, as was transformation leadership. A transformational leader is considered to be role models and they help people along the way
I use both of these theories together now at work. Using both of these theories together allows me to continue to provide a positive environment for my employees. McGregor stated that Theory Y assumes that if workers are respected and involved in decision-making, they will be highly motivated. My employees are just that. I listen to them and allow them to give me their opinion. I keep an open door policy for them and encourage them to addresses whatever concerns they may have. My employees and I will continue to work together as a team and get things done in a timely manner. I will also continue to be the best leader I can for my employees because I am the one that sets the example for them.(Toor & Ofori, 2008)
Leadership theory will continue to…