Research Paper On Labor Statistics

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Borjas, George J. (1997): “Labor Economics” . McGraw Hill Chapters 2,7.
Description of the Data
We used Census data from the years 1980, 1985, and 1990 in our statistical analysis. Below is a detailed description of the variables available to us:
Regional Variables
1)ENC - East North Central 2)ESC - East South Central 3)NE - North East
4)SA - South Atlantic 5)W - West
6)WNC - West North Central 7)WSC - West South Central
All regional variables were coded from the CPs survey state of residence identifier. The states were then grouped by US Census Region. The Census Region Groupings can be obtained at the following website: There are 8 census regions (on the map at the website listed above, mountain and pacific are listed separately but they are both combined into one region - WEST).
Characteristics Wage and other Variables
Each of the variables, their source and construction is detailed below. All of the variables were either taken directly from the CPS survey or constructed from a set of CPS survey variables. A detailed description of all of the CPS survey variables employed in constructing the 15 variables listed above is contained at the end of this document.
1)AGE - age (in years) of the respondent.
2)AFAM - AFAM=1 if respondent is African American. Else AFAM=0.
3)EDUC - EDUC is the number of years of schooling of the survey respondent.
4)GOVT – GOVT=1 if respondent is