Reflection: Collaboration and Group Member Essay

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Process Reflection for Standard 2 Ass.
Grand Canyon University: EDA-534
March 20, 2013

Process Reflection for Standard 2 Assignment Group assignments in education give the students experience for real life situations and experience for later employment, where they will be expected to be able to work as a part of a group or team. A group assignment has benefits such as collaboration, communication, and establishes leadership roles, as each individual works as one, to complete a specific task. While completing group assignments, there is always going to be challenges such as coordinating schedules, motivation and intellectual factors. When the second CLC assignment was assigned, each group member came to the agreement that we would each check the grade of first CLC assignment and then go from there to complete the second CLC. One issue that came to surface was coordination; coordinating schedules, corresponding in a timely manner, making decisions collectively, and integrating the contributions of each group member. We decided to increase how frequent we were to check the blue group forum online, acknowledge every team members entry, show respect and value all contributions, and we appointed one group member to finalize and summit the final product. Our issue actually added positive effects because it increased our social interaction, which optimally increased our motivation and creativity in the finalization of our project.
Value of group assignments will be beneficial in the future because school administration needs to be accessible and accountable to teachers, staff members, parents, students, and the community. Being able to coordinate the efforts of a multiple