Reflection Of Chemistry: Lab Analysis: Analysis Of Chemical Experiments

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Our errors were more than likely human error, as we easily could have calibrated the scales wrong or made false measurements. Also, it is likely that the substance fell through the filter paper. We often had to try and get some particles of the substance off of the beakers they were sticking to in order to get our final mixture or measurement, so that could have contributed in the error in measurement as well.
In this lab we were given two reactants, and we had to form a chemical equation, and then use stoichiometry to figure out the weight of our products. In our equation, the weight of our reactants became our unknowns, and we needed .5 grams of the precipitate, so we diluted the two substances on the product side. We then mixed the two mixtures, and poured the new mixture on to filter paper, and measured the final weight in order to see how close we got to .5 grams. We were pretty far off, with a 100% error rate, and that was because there is a lot of room for human error in this process. This process reminded me of playing the card game 21. In 21, you make an educated guess to add cards in order to get as close as possible to the number 21. That’s what we did in this lab, as we used the twoproducts, measured them out, and made an educated attempt in order to get the one certain number, .5 grams. However, we were off. Of course, in the lab, we were off by human error, while 21 is all about luck. There is a strategy to both however, and the key is