Essay about Reflection on Week as a Patient

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When I first received this assignment, I thought it would be a lot easier than it turned out to be. I underestimated the physical and psychological turmoil that patients may experience to remember to take their medication, making healthy food choices, and checking their blood sugars. The thought that shocks and saddens me is that we only had to do this for one week, but patients with diabetes have to do this for the rest of their lives. It is a big adjustment to a patient’s lifestyle. I think I am beginning to sympathize with the patient more and I now understand why some patients’ initial reaction to their diabetes diagnosis is denial. Checking my blood sugar was not as bad as I thought it would be. But, then again, we only had to do it once daily for one week. The very first day, I had no idea how to use the machine and was easily able to figure it out once I read the manual. This may not be so feasible for someone who does not speak English, illiterate, or has difficulty seeing. A pharmacist plays a significant role in making sure the patient understands how to use the machine. I didn’t have to carry my glucose meter, strips, and lancets around because I checked my blood sugar when I woke up in the morning or once when I came home. A patient with diabetes may need to carry around their glucose meter, strips, and lancets to check their blood sugar multiple times throughout the day. This may be especially cumbersome for someone who works in an environment where they may not easy access to their personal belongings. I have always been pretty active as a child, always rollerblading or riding my bike around my neighborhood. But I became more sedentary as I entered pharmacy school. It was a little difficult to stick to an exercise schedule. Taking a class with others, such as Zumba, makes exercise a lot more enjoyable. This may help patients think of exercise as an enjoyable activity rather than something they need to do. I can sympathize with patients who have become so accustomed to one way of life for a long period of time and one day they are told that they need to change this lifestyle. The food journal was the most