Reflection: Third World Essay

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Ian Llamas June 11, 2013

Reflection Essay #4

The world have been more and more connected thanks to the help of new technology. Globalization is very transparent in the twentieth century due to ease access of information. In North America the negative after shock of globalization is felt. America used to be a dominant country in technology, now other countries are improving so much that America is having a hard time to keep up, this can be clearly seen in the changing trend in manufacturing and in school system.

Globalization has affected America so much that most of manufacturing company have been transferred to other countries to reduce the cost and to meet the demand of the population. Due to low wages and the labor market, most of manufacturing companies in America are being moved in third world country which enables the company to reduce the price. Since most of the product can be purchased anywhere in the world with the help of the internet, America have no choice but to move their manufacturing company to china to reduce the price. This has affected a lot of job lost and making a lot of small companies to have a hard time to open their business in North America. Automated manufacturing is the only option in which America can compete to cheap labor in third world countries. The adaptation of technology in the work field and in daily life had allowed third world countries to be more competitive in a globalized world. The more advance a company is in manufacturing then the more evolved that company will be in technological advancement since they will be the first one to be able to innovate and improve a product or a technology.

Due to globalization and advancement in telecommunication, North America’s school system is changing to become more competitive. North America has yet to adapt and change the curriculum system which can open a student’s mind to other cultural differences. This changes is due to North America’s slowly becoming less competitive. There are more and more American companies employing workers from other countries due to lack of workers eligible to the task due to the lack of education. The world…