Reflection on Mentoring a Student Essay

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The aim of this assignment is to critically reflect on the experience of mentoring and assessing a student in clinical practice. As the student was on a four week placement the assessment process will be discussed incorporating the qualities of the mentor and the effect it can have on the mentor/student relationship. In turn evaluating the learning environment and teaching strategies used including learning styles, reflecting on how they were applied to help the student. Finally, the evaluation of overall performance as a mentor. For the purpose of this work a pseudonym will be used to maintain confidentiality hence the student will be known as ’A’. ( NMC Code of Conduct 2007)

It has been accepted that assessment of students in
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Therefore the success of teaching relies on the personal enthusiasm of the individual mentor (Cardwell, Corkin, 2007). This is dependent on a variety of factors including ; staff levels, number of available mentors, equipment and other resources available, time constraints and balancing mentor workload .‘A’ had given me positive feedback on performance as a mentor and made very encouraging and positive comments. He felt he was integrated into the learning environment and felt part of the team. He was pleased to fulfil his learning objectives and said that he enjoyed the way teaching took place as I took into consideration his individual learning style.

During ‘A’ learning experience, he was assessed by me using various methods and at various points of the learning/teaching experience. After two weeks a formative assessment was carried out; this was an informal process and was a discussion between myself and ‘A’ on how he was progressing towards meeting his competencies. According to Walton and Reeves (2001), this is the time where problems can be picked up and resolved and also a time for personal development. At this point myself and ‘A’ discussed his development and we were both very pleased with his progress. Although one aspect at this point was lack of belief when undertaking tasks. Identifying a problem at the