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Nursing Practice

Keywords: Mentoring/Continuing professional development/Portfolio
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CPD for mentors: creating a portfolio

Mentors can use a portfolio of evidence to show continuing professional development

In this article...
Why mentors need a CPD portfolio
How to create a portfolio of evidence
Using a SWOT analysis to identify strengths and weaknesses
Author Louise Lawson is senior lecturer,
School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social
Work, University of Hertfordshire.
Abstract Lawson L (2011) CPD for mentors: creating a portfolio. Nursing
Times; 107: 21, 15-18.
It is a mandatory requirement for mentors to support and assess all pre-registration
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However, the NMC introduced the developmental framework (NMC, 2008b) that was designed to facilitate personal and professional development so that nurses and midwives can include CPD as part of their personal development plan.
Most managers and clinicians recognise the benefits of participating in ongoing
CPD for staff, the health service and students. Providing CPD opportunities for mentors can only enhance performance and competence, as well as their motivation, capability and job satisfaction.
Mentors must demonstrate their knowledge, skills and competence on an ongoing basis and have a duty to provide students with a variety of learning opportunities to enable them to achieve their learning objectives.
Those who have not done an NMCapproved mentorship programme but have an equivalent qualification should ensure that an approved education institutional has approved or accredited their alternative experience or qualification before they assess pre-registration students.
This article explores how mentors can create a portfolio of evidence to gain or maintain mentorship status through CPD, therefore ensuring they maintain competence as outlined by the developmental framework (NMC, 2008b).

The portfolio of evidence

The Standards to Support Learning and
Assessment in Practice (NMC, 2008b) require

box 1. the role of the stage 1 mentor
● To assist