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Reflective Account

Moving & handling

One day I was ask to transfer Mrs X from bed into wheelchair. Mrs X is paralised so to transfer her a full body hoist is needed. I had to call for help, it wouldn’t be safe to do this by myself. So while I was waiting for the other carer to arrive I have explained to Mrs X what and how we are going to do it. I have also cheked the hoist and battery if its fully charged and operational. I put right size sling on Mrs X with her cooperation. I carefully manovered hoist close to bed, then I hooked sling onto the hoist with short hooks on to of the body and long hooks on bottom. That was when my collegue arrived to help me with transfer.We asked Mrs X if she is ready when she said yes by pushing
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When she stands up I pull her panties up and pull skirt down. Then Mrs X sit in her armchair, where we finish dressing. There I help put her cardigan on. After I give her comb, mirror. Then I make her room tidy, empty the bowl, put all toiletries in right place, move commode to the bathroom and make a bed. Next I clean Mrs X’s spectacles and leave them for her on the table. At the end I offer Mrs X to use some perfume – she really likes it. Before I left her room I take my apron and gloves off and wash my hands.During all personal care I check Mrs X’s skin condition, if I observe any changes (sore, bruises, swelling, skin broken) I inform nurse in charge about it.


One day I was asked to toilet some of the easier residents, which I could do by myself safely without risks. I noticed that Mr X was already in wheelchair so I have decided to ask Mr X if he needed a toilet. After a positive answer I took breaks off and I asked Mr X to lift his feet instead of putting them on the footplates. I begun pushing wheelchair towards the toilet I did’nt go quick but just when I passed the dore Mr X drope his feet, which caused wheelchair to stop. When I approached Mr X from front I have notice his right leg was bleeding on back. The force of me pushing wheelchair combined with him dropping his feet suddenly caused cut to his right leg. Soonest I noticed bleedind I pushed emergency button on one of the buzzer panels on the wall, and quickly grabbed few