Regulatory Focus Theory and Work Essay

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Christina CaughronDr. Wiley
Hours This Week: 39.5
Total Hours: 164
Report 5
Here is a brief overview of the goals that I have reached, maintained, and plan to achieve and when.
Caleb’s Goals:
Identify physical fitness needs through assessment protocols for students with disabilities who come to Campus Recreation. I have reached this goal by observing and conducting the initial consultation. I learned about the intake forms and what questions are asked during this first initial assessment. After we identify the clients needs based on this assessment we then put in information into a file made specifically for them on the computer. I completed this goal on October 6th.
Design and implement effective individualized client programs to address and improve the pillars of athletic movement (push/pull, rotation, Level change, Locomotion). I completed this goal by re vamping a client’s work out due to time. We have had to cut back on hours due to budget cuts. In order for him to get the proper work out that we needs we had to switch up his work out some. We focused on making sure that we were using the four pillars of movement in his work out. We designed this work out using a concept called triplexes. We use 3 work outs right after on e another with out any rest in between. Part of doing this we have to make sure that 2 of the 3 exercises meets the clients goals and 1 of the 3 meets the trainers goal for the client. We took that into consideration when we designed and implemented the program. Caleb and made a excel spread sheet that entails a list of exercises that involves each pillar of movement. That spread sheet was very helpful in designing this new work out. We began working on this on October 23 and implemented in on October 27, 2014.
Encourage a fitness lifestyle with Disabled Students through education sessions. This goal is something that is continuous. I am doing this almost every day with clients. During their work out they will often ask me questions about diet, weight loss, and exercise. I encourage them to eat clean and healthy and also keep up the good work with the program they are on. I educate them on calories intake and what foods help burn fat and build muscle. I also educate them on proper running form and how much to run when they run and about how to pace them selves. I began completing this goal on the 29th of September.
Research and properly implement ADAAA compliant protocols for Disabled Students. One way that I have met this goal is by doing research on locks that have brail on them for the students who are visually impaired. I also organized a team for all the students in the DAC and Adaptive Recreation and Exercise center to allow them and encourage them to participate in the Run for Your Life 5k. Part of this goal is making sure that the students with disability have access to all activities. I began completing this goal on the 22nd of September and I starting putting together the team for the 5k on the 29th of September. I carried out the goal for the 5k on Sunday October the 26th. All the students that I had recruited complete the 5k. I had additional staff and volunteers to assist everyone as needed.
Gain functional knowledge of program design through reading material and personal activites. I have spoke with Caleb extensively about program design and ways and examples of how to design a program based on a needs assessment. I have got to help design a program to actually put what I learned to work. I am also reading a book that Caleb has about program design as a trainer. I have been learning a lot from this book and have actually got to apply something that I learned to a real life situation. The triplexes from part B was something that I read in that book. I will continue to read this book throughout the rest of the semester. I started reading this book on October the 15th
Proper identification and evaluation of program effectiveness through proper evaluation assessments. This