Reinstating the Military Draft Essay

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Reinstating the Military Draft
The military draft has been used several times throughout the United States history. It has been used for different conflicts such as the World Wars, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. By 1973, the country switched to an all-volunteer military service, abandoning the concept of the military draft (Brisbane, par. 1). Congressman Charles Rangel planned to introduce a legislation calling for the draft reinstatement. If a military draft is reinstated, everyone, no matter what social class the person is, will have to do his or her part in the defense of our country.
Of course there are people who oppose the military draft by saying that it is not very democratic and that it violates the freedom this country
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Due to the greater number of people joining the military, subcontracting and outsourcing jobs can be handled by the military in-house (Brisbane, par. 2). Another pro of a military draft reinstatement is the one that affects national spirit, according to Brisbane’s article. The national unity of Americans will grow stronger, and neighborhoods get safer. This will be due to at-risk teens headed for a life of crime instead ending up in the military, where they get training and discipline that will elevate them to a stable and orderly life. These same teens will also learn about working with persons of various races, genders and backgrounds (Brisbane, par. 3).

Having an all-volunteer force versus a military draft is always going to have pros and cons. Arguments are always going to arise from both sides; the people who oppose versus the people who favors the draft. In conclusion, if the President reinstate the military draft, it should bring back some equality and bring back some sense of patriotism in all of us, reminding us that the defense of this country is everyone’s responsibility; not only whoever wants to defend our freedom. Works Cited
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