Relativism Pros And Cons

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For the last seven years I have continually strived to be as politically involved and informed as possible. I have involved myself in campaigns, political discussions and leadership of the conservative movement at one of the most liberal campuses in the United States. My free time is spent fostering this community, growing my political knowledge and developing ties with as many conservative groups as possible. I have previously served in the office of Congressman Randy Weber, where I was able to see the inner workings of a congressional office, serve constituents and grow in my knowledge of the political process.
I saw Senator Cornyn give a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference in 2014. It is there that I took his message of accountability and pragmatic conservative ideals to heart. I didn’t see the same flare that I saw with the other speakers that I saw that day, but rather someone
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This was of particular importance this past year with the passage of The Justice for Victims of Human Trafficking Act. Although the act was a bipartisan issue to combat the issue of sex trafficking and abuse that effects thousands of people every year it became a source of contention as language regarding abortion became an issue. The original language barred funds from the sex trafficker’s victim fund from being used to provide abortions. Cornyn and his allies refused to allow these government imposed fines that would comprise this fund to be used for the funding of abortion services. In the end Cornyn and the leadership struck a deal allowing for Loretta Lynch to be allowed a confirmation vote, in exchange, the funds raised through fines would not be used to fund abortion services. It is instances such as these that show Cornyn’s steadfast commitment to the prolife cause and it is one of the many reasons that he has my respect and