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Raja Abdelmajid Sexuality, Science, and the Bible
The role that the bible should play in discussions about sexuality should be based on weather an individual has faith in the bible. There may be people who are of a certain faith, but they do not practice it as they should. I personally do not believe that the bible should be taken as literally as it is, because it is not the verbatim word of God. It should play a rather important part for those who do believe in the bible, but as far as I know the bible was written for people to be able to follow it to have a better life, what I mean by that is I believe it may have been written as a guide for humanity to resolve certain issues that we as humans may not be able to resolve ourselves. Even if the bible stated that homosexuality was a sin, or masturbation was a sin and others choose to sin than it should not be anyone else’s business as weather or not those people are following the bible or not. I say this because the sole purpose of our beings on earth is to be here and have free will. We choose whether we want to sin or not, and if God has given us that ability to be able to choose right from wrong, than I do not believe it is anyone else’s business as to whether someone is committing a sin or not. We have man made rules in our society about whether someone can marry the same sex or not, and to me that makes no sense because if God who is the ruler of the universe gave us the freedom to choose to follow the rules or not, than to me that is all that matters. If it were for someone who believed whole heartedly in the bible were to ask this question, I would say that it is important for discussions about sexuality to take place because they have to figure out what “they” believe and try to fit that into the society that they live in.
I do not believe that the bible has supplanted science because in many ways, science and the bible can sometimes agree on a lot of things and for the things that do not agree with each other, I believe those things should be based on the faith of the individual. I believe that science and religion can work together so long as the individual’s faith is still in God. After all we are only humans and for the people who do believe in the bible, I do not think it takes the place of science. Science is based on actual facts and labs and experimentations, therefore some part of science has to be right, and also a lot of parts of the bible have to be right as well. Just because someone believes in science it should not determine their faith. Science has drastically changed the world that we live in today, we have automobiles to travel in and we also have