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What hope does religion bring to the ? I personally think my religion gives the world hope in many differentways and situations. In my opinion religion can give the world hope during times of despair . I secondly thinkreligion can give the world hope during their everyday life. Last but not least 8 think religion brings yhe worldhope during grief. There are many other ways religion gives the wod bope but yhese are the most important tome.The first way i thing religion brings the world is during times of dispair. For an example, to cope with the 9/11disaster many relied on their religion to help get through this difficult time emotionally. We Christians rely onprayer in times of dispair. When we feel we're at our weakest we rely on Jesus to give us strength and hope thatwe will get through things. In my opinion religion is a tremendous source of comfort and stability for not justChristians but also others of various religions as well.Secondly i think the religion brings the world hope during everyday life. In my opinion no one has a perfect liferich or poor. Everyone has problems whether they're big or small and often need encouragement to get throughthe day. Me myself as a Christian, i love to start my day off by thanking god for allowing me to be on earthanother day. That alone gives my peace and i feel very happy and refreshed. A life without prayer is believed tobe a life without blessings and favor. Showing god tbat your are grateful is the key to have a happy life. Ibelieve if you're spiritually healthy your life will be at peace.Last but not least, i think religion brings the world peace during grief. Losing a loved one is very difficult toaccept. Me myself i take death very hard. When i lost my grandfather to kidney failure it was very difficult formy family. Prayer helped us get through this very difficult time in our lives. The thought that he was no longer suffering and in pain also helped us cope with his death. Most of all i think the idea that he could be inheaven with God is remarkable. Although death is scary and a difficult thing to have to accept, my religiongives me the security of knowing i have a chance to live and eternal life with God himself. Heaven is believedro be a land of eternal life after