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Effects of Religion
Linda Harris

Since the dawn of time, organized religion in one form or another plays a role in society. Its concepts help to set moral standards and influence the laws that govern most societies and the United States is no exception. However, even though the Farmers of the Constitution had their own personal religious preferences, they were still able to remain neutral with regard to religion. As a result, they managed to create an American society in which there is a separation of church and state (Buckner, 2002). Unlike some Middle Eastern countries whose governments are inherently theocratic with strict religious authority, the democratic government of the United States encourages religious freedom among its racially and culturally diverse citizens. Fundamentally, organized religion was meant to promote and inspire peace and unity in society. However, one may argue that it is also the underlying reason for many wars and atrocities as well. While organized religion enhances civility among people, the fact that religious languages can often left open to interpretation, allows fanatics and extremists to manipulate and promote their own evil causes and agendas, resulting in discord, and turmoil. Undoubtedly, organized religion has had both positive and negative effect on society. One positive example is the abolitionist movement, which was greatly influenced by organized religion. At a time when most people chose to accept the injustices committed against people of color, this group was instrumental in the abolition of slavery because they chose to live by their faith, and religious beliefs. The terrorist attack of 911 is one of the many examples of the negative effect of organized religion. Like most religion, the Islamic is about peace, but extremists and fanatics of this faith chose to interpret and manipulate the teachings of the Quran to justify their evil twisted causes and agendas. These extremists reject all other religion and suppress women’s rights and their freedom. They