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World Geography Religious Freedoms Paper
Part 1:
Religious freedom was a very important part of the constitution. There were many debates about if there even should be a law about religious freedoms in America. Many people from congress disagreed with the thought of making an amendment about religious freedoms at all because they didn’t think it would be important to our country at all. People like Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, George Washington, and even Benjamin Franklin were for making an amendment for religious freedom. Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson were not even that religious at all. Franklin was a deist, which is a person who only believes in God and not Christ. He stated that he wasn’t a religious man at all. He never went to mass or participated in anything to do with religion. Yet he still agreed to the religious freedoms amendment because he knew it would be an important part of our country. Benjamin Franklin even wrote a book about his thoughts on religious freedom which is called “Articles of Belief and Acts of Religion”. Thomas Jefferson was just like Ben Franklin. He was more an atheist than deist though, but he still believed that religious freedoms were also important.
John Adams was all for the religious freedom amendment to happen. He was a strong religious man who went to mass every week and participated in all kinds of religious activities. He didn’t write a book about his thoughts on religious freedoms, but he had a quote which deals on why