Religious Freedom In America

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The first amendment allows people to worship, or not to worship, as they choose. Religious freedom is an important part of America and is one of the reasons that America is known as one of the best countries in the world. It is a fundamental human right. Most countries enforce a religion where as in America no specific religion is enforced. This does not mean that states are not allowed to declare an official religion. States are able to declare an official religion as long as they do not discriminate because of that religion. For example, the state cannot decline jobs because someone is religious or because someone is not religious. They also cannot decline services or government positions such as eating at a restaurant or being the state governor. As a Catholic, religious freedom is important, but it should …show more content…
This is why our country should not lack in religious freedom. Discriminating someone because of race or gender is considered unacceptable in America. Religion should be no exception to this rule. People around the world are discriminated because of their religion and sometimes even injured or killed. In America this is much less of a problem because of the fact that there is freedom of religion. Although, there have still been incidents where people have been injured. There have even been people who are willing to discriminate people because of religion. A politician recently running for president wants to make a ban from all Muslims coming to the United States. This is wrong because religion is not what defines a person completely. We cannot ban people from visiting this country when the first amendment states that religious freedom is a fundamental human right for all people in this world. Religion is important to believers and non-believers equally. Ninety percent of Americans say that religion has played at least a somewhat important role in their lives, and it touched them in one way or