Essay On Religious Freedom In America

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Many people in America, specifically Muslims, are concerned about our religious liberties, but as of today, we still have those freedoms. Religious liberty is one of the many freedoms in our country that we still have today. Some people think that we do not have, or are rapidly losing this freedom. Perhaps they’re merely confused with the fact that not everyone respects everyone else’s religious choices.
For instance, Muslims often experience discrimination and lack of tolerance because found within their religion, and sometimes their culture, there exist Radical Islamic Terrorists. Because of incidents like 9-11, people in America are always afraid something like this tragic act will take place again when left exposed to the terrorism of this radical group. However, Muslims and Radical Islamic Terrorists can be completely separate things. There are no laws against the Muslim religion, but because of the reality of this present fear associated with terrorist acts, peaceful Muslims often do not get the respect or understanding that they deserve.
Christianity is the most common religion in the United States. Christians are likely the most respected group in America because of this. Americans are generally more accepting and okay with Christianity and don’t find much
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They would argue that radicals would try to hurt people if we don’t stop them from practicing their religion in our country. If we could ensure the safety of American people, we could still allow religious freedom. To propose getting rid of some religions for the sake of our safety would casue a lot of chaos and could be threatening. There would be rioting because people would see the violation of our freedom or religion. To make matters worse, they would find a way to practice their religion anyway, and thus perpetuate further issues with the violation of laws concerning