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Secretary General of United Nations


The economic crisis we are experiencing is that some big issues remain marginalized in the media. This is happening with the energy crisis, a vital problem for mankind especially worrisome for a country like ours that is only has non-renewable energy resources. With this letter we want to call the attention of the Government and American society about it, since we believe that it will not be possible to overcome the economic crisis if we do not realize the role energy plays in our society and not react properly to the energy crisis. We know well that the energy is based on the technology and is, ultimately, the entire economy engine, and see that there is more scientific consensus on forecasts of a significant decline in the global availability of power, first of the most versatile and used oil, from this same decade. In recent years of historical data you can see a suspicious stagnation in world oil production, while its price increases. This confirms the predictions of many experts who talk about the decline of all types of petroleum in this decade. It is also recognized by the own International Energy Agency that the cheap and easy extraction crude began to decline for six years. A similar decline is expected for the remainder of the fuels: natural gas, coal and uranium that, most probably, have entered into decline before 2040. (Mowatt, n.d.). Despite the importance of these data, the news on the energy crisis, they are not in the parliamentary debates or political programs, and given the relevance this has for all citizens, we believe that this silence is a serious lack of political responsibility. Before this depletion of fossil fuels can only be a gradual substitution by renewable energy sources, but should be ´no deceive themselves with technological utopias, the transition will not be easy at all. The data show that the decline of oil will not be able to be compensated, at least in the target times and volumes that this global society is currently demanding. (Mowatt, n.d.). Technological substitutes we have currently at our disposal are all they are much lower in performance and arrive too late. At the moment we believe that the only way to deal effectively with the peak oil is through the adoption of bold cost-saving measures. On the other hand, it is necessary to continue with the development of renewable energy sources to curb, to the extent possible, climate change and prepare for the foreseeable price increase and decline of coal, natural gas and uranium in the coming decades. For this purpose, it is necessary to support research in technologies of generation, accumulation, does not slow down the implementation of renewable energy and energy efficiency. All this must be with important regulatory measures from public authorities since, as we are seeing, the market forces are very insufficient for this purpose, and in many cases interests are running in the opposite direction to the