Reward And Reward Management

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An employee with higher quality and motivation can create more value for customer to bring a higher level of customer satisfaction, and then can expand the market for the company, so the employee value has a depth impact to company and customer. Therefore it is very important for a company to intensify the creating of employee value by motivating, management and reward. The reward is one of the important factor. Therefore, The manager have to consider how to handle those reward effectively, so that they can use the limited resource as much as possible. Now a day, all the practice indicate that the decision and management of the reward is important problem that company need to deeply consider.

When rewards is meaningful to employees and influence their affiliation with the organization, the employee value can be created. Compensation and rewards management is extremely important to every employee.
So what is a reward? Reward is pay back that people can get by doing a paid labor. For those employees of a company, there has a total employment rewards which is an integrated package of all rewards gained by employees arising from their employment.
Reward can be divided based on the monetary and non-monetary. The monetary (extrinsic) is a compensation with cash payments or benefits. And a non-monetary (intrinsic) maybe the personal growth or interpersonal rewards.
The changing and development of reward
Through the forming and development of business organization, the reward always play an important role to support the operation of organization.
1. The arising of average wage
We all know that a company is a group of employees and related person organized by the investor to work for a common goal. At the beginning the employers produced and sell the goods by themselves such as the blacksmith, dressmaker and shoemaker. As the business is getting better and better, the employers cannot handled so much thing by themselves. And then the employers started to hire some employees to help of the business.
The employer will made the marketing decision and got the order. The production process of all the staffs were arranged and under supervised by the employer. Every staff contacted to the consumers directly and provided the direct service, so they could get the consumer feedback easily. However, because lacked of consideration to the production of employees, most of the employer provided the same average wages to the employees as a reward.
2. The appearing of difference for the salary
The number of employees in the organization increased constantly and then the amount of staffs became so large that the employer was hard to management. At this time, the employer selected one or several staff to help them to arrange and to guide the operation, and to supervise the performance of the other employees. To improve the motivation of the selected staff to arrange work and to guide the workers, the employer given them more wages as a reward based on the average wages. In this way, the different for the salary appeared.
3. The hierarchy of wage
With the improvement of the social developing, people began to division of labor. At the same time, the enterprise organization start a larger-scale development, so the amount of staff who help employer to arrange job, to guide and to supervise the job of employees became huge. Then the manager, a new higher level of hierarchy, come into being. This change will carry on until the different level arise in the manager: the director, the manager, the managing director and so on. The hierarchy of enterprise organization appeared.
The effectiveness for the division of labor simplifying the work of the staff and reduced the require ability of staff which made the company could produce a larger number of product. Because of the need for the consumer is larger than the supply for the productor, the time which the consumer will purchase what the enterprise produced is arise.
Therefore, in the company the